Who is La Diva?

A Nuyorican attorney with a sense of humor
Who would have guessed!?!

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One day, one of her emails reached a complete stranger hundreds of miles away in Puerto Rico.  
This stranger’s email address was oddly enough “FountainWish”.   FountainWish emailed Jennese
saying she couldn’t stop laughing at her email concerning a racist article against Latinos in a
popular mainstream magazine.  Jennese answered this stranger and from there a friendship
ensued and the jokes kept coming as Jennese would spitfire anyone who dared print anything
negative about Latinos.  

One day FountainWish dared say what even Jennese wouldn’t dare to say, “Hey why don’t you
make your own magazine!  Make it funny, make it smart!  Let everyone know all those facts and
figures that you carry around in your head but always keep the jokes.”  In typical Jennese fashion,
she quickly fired back saying, “Now you’re the comedian if you think I’m going to quit law school to
start my own magazine!”  

But she said it!  She uttered the words “start my own magazine”.  Making excuses Jennese said to
herself, “If I could think of a good name then I’ll do it.”  She thought and thought and couldn’t come
up with a name.  She decided to let FountainWish know that it was no use and that “if I can’t think of
a good name then I will not do it.”  Right before she clicked SEND she saw the name.  It was right
there all along!  

You see the TO: was “FountainWish” and the From: was “LaDivaLatina”!  Jennese never did send
that email.  She clicked away on the internet and bought the domain name.  The rest is history!
The idea came about when an educated Latina with a sense of humor
would send out firey, funny, and fearless emails to her circle of email
friends complaining about something she had read.  

This Nuyorican named Jennese Torres was known for belting out quick,
little known Latino stats in her emails. She would sprinkle jokes in
between the stats and figures as she blasted the negative article she
was complaining about.  She began to think that her email list should
be a little larger.  But, of course, she laughed it off.